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Why do I need acupuncture?

Why do I need acupuncture?

by Grace Ganel

You may be new to acupuncture. Perhaps you don't know much about it at all. So you may be asking yourself: why do I need acupuncture?

Acupuncture has literally saved my life. When I was a teenager, I had debilitating depression and mental illness. I found that I lacked the energy to do the psychological work necessary to heal. I tried several psychiatric medications under the care of a psychiatrist, and I found that I had all of the side-effects and none of the benefits. I had been treated for knee pain by an acupuncturist in the past, and my mom decided to see if the acupuncturist could help with my mental health.

Oh my goodness did she help me.

I walked into the office wishing I was dead.

I walked out and noticed how blue the sky was, how lovely the birds sounded.

I walked out a better, more open, more awake version of myself.

Of course I want to share this experience with other young people going through the same sort of problems. Acupuncture cannot replace psychiatric and psychological care, but it works as a fantastic adjunctive therapy for psychiatric conditions. Now as we're seeing shorter days, and colder weather, consider coming in to see me - there is beauty in every day of every season, even when we lose sight of it. Acupuncture can help wake you up to the beauty and wonder around you, and make life more enjoyable and rich.

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