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Lasting Treatment Effects

"I live far from where Grace practices. I was able to have one treatment with her. I asked her to treat my chronic knee pain, which felt like having a knife stuck in my knee.

The next day, the "knife" was no longer there. I couldn't believe it. It was like a miracle. The effect lasted for months and I was so sorry I was so far away not being able to continue treatment.

To me, Grace is a miracle worker, very professional with a gentle hand, a magic touch and huge knowledge.

I recommend Grace to treat any problem in a heartbeat. I wish I was closer to her."

- N.G.



"Grace is nothing short of amazing in her abilities and her investigative instincts. In one session, I asked her to use acupuncture to help with daily dizzy spells which were worse in the mornings. She advised I might be more dizzy shortly after the treatment. As she suggested I might, I was dizzy that afternoon. However, when I awoke the day after treatment I was clear headed and stayed that way all week. I was overjoyed to feel great. I also slept much better that week, which I’m sure Grace helped me with as well."

- C.R.

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

Gentle and Effective

"I am not a fan of needles, at all. I decided to try acupuncture one as a way of “curing” my dislike of needles, and as a way to help treat my chronic back pain. After about 6 or so treatments with Grace, I noticed that my back was no longer as sore as it used to be, and gradually with each treatment, the ache began to disappear completely. I attribute acupuncture and Grace’s treatment methods as to the reason why my back has basically healed. I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after seeing her for treatments. Her gentle and caring outlook soothes and relaxes me. I know that she cares about my well being and empathizes with what I am feeling. I feel completely comfortable when she needles my body, and I feel confident that she is able to address my physical and mental ailments. I believe that she has helped me address my goals of “curing” my dislike of needles, and of curing my back pain."

- E. L.

Acupuncture Treatment

Whole Body Healing

"She always listens when I explain what is going on in my body and my life - the first such health practitioner I have encountered in a long time to actually do so! - and adjusts her treatments accordingly... We have made significant progress in helping my pain, as well as other issues I didn’t expect my treatments to help (anxiety, menstrual cycles, and insomnia). Working with Grace has been an incredibly positive experience, and I look forward to continuing to be her patient for many more years to come. ”

- J.T.


I am Comfortable During Every Session

"Grace was referred to me by a family member after developing nerve damage after a surgery. Grace acknowledged my fear of needles and history of unpleasant experiences with acupuncture and always makes sure that I am comfortable during each session. She always offers alternatives to needling, including acupressure, cupping, zero balancing, and more. I came to Grace to seek relief from one problem and have continued to see her for treatment for a number of other issues, such as anxiety, chronic headaches, insomnia, and hormonal imbalance. If you are seeking a practitioner who is equally as compassionate as she is passionate about what she does, Grace is the acupuncturist for you. You will not be disappointed."

- R.J.


Compassionate Care that Works

“You sincerely feel she is totally there for you.  Grace is exceptionally gifted in her ability to not only listen to you, but to your body and your energy as well. I had been quite ill for several years, and while I had made a great deal of progress on my own, it was SLOW!  I hoped there was more that acupuncture could offer; Grace rose to the challenge and in two months got me further physically, mentally, and emotionally than I had gotten in the last year.

- L.S.


Healing Touch

"Mrs. Ganel is more than a good acupuncturist. She shares her knowledge about physical and emotional thoughts and feelings and how she and you can support your healing energy through exercise, stretching, breathing, and diet. She also has a healing touch, shares what her healing hands are looking for and doing for you." 

- B.S.

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