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Why Acupuncture and Zero Balancing?

What do acupuncture and zero balancing treat? What are the goals of these complementary modalities? Why should you try these techniques?

Acupuncture is a system of medicine completely distinct from Western medicine. When I make a diagnosis using the lens of Chinese Medicine - I don't diagnose "low back pain", or "migraine". My diagnoses are things like "Shen-Yin Deficiency with Empty Heat," and "Wood Overacting on Earth." 

Holding Hands

When someone comes to acupuncture or zero balancing for the first time, they're being seen in an entirely new light than they ever have before.  One of the key features of my practice is that I don't see my clients as sick, or broken, or in need of fixing. I observe imbalances and diagnose them, yes, but at the heart of the conversation is a whole, complete individual who is suffering.


The goal of acupuncture and zero balancing is something called "transparent functioning” which is when people are able to live their lives fully without any interruptions or barriers, such as symptoms and breakdowns in function. Acupuncture and zero balancing don't aim to "treat" any illnesses or "resolve" any symptoms. The goal is to restore the individual and all of their functions to a state of ease. This is achieved through cultivation of the things going well for a person just as much as it is necessary to shed or diminish those things that are not. By encouraging healthy processes through acupuncture, zero balancing, and lifestyle adjustments, many people can experience transparent functioning, or at least greater comfort bearing what disruptions they must (i.e. acupuncture isn't magic. You can't regrow a limb, turn back time, etc.)

In my experience, so much of the gift that acupuncture and zero balancing can provide is to be comfortable in your body. Whether you've suffered a trauma, you experience anxiety, pain is present, or you're navigating your gender identity, acupuncture and ZB can help you learn to be more fully present to your body, mind, and soul so that you can take the right actions to be embodied and experience fuller understanding and expression of yourself.

I am excited to help you with these kinds of concerns, and so much more.

My specialties include people experiencing:

-pains of all sorts

-migraines and headaches

-neurological tingling, itching, and numbness (especially post-mastectomy pain syndrome)

-discomfort around and in scar tissue

-mental health and addictions


-insomnia and issues with energy levels


-desire for self-cultivation and realizing your full potential

I also love to support people with:

-menstrual irregularities

-infertility - including grieving miscarriage and sterility

-pregnancy support

-gender-identity- and sexual-orientation-related emotional health concerns


-allergies and asthma

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