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Black Lives Matter

CW: racial injustice, systemic injustice towards Black bodies, minds, and spirits

This country has been sick for a long time. The illness of racial injustice has taken so many lives. We must do the work to dismantle racism. I want to firmly declare that Three Treasures Wellness is strictly anti-racism. As recent events have unfolded, I have taken actions through my social media accounts and on Patreon to speak out against the racial injustices which are perpetuated by the actions and silence of white folks, including yours truly. It has taken me some time to put this blog together and to send out an email to this effect, because I wanted to be sure that I did this right.

Last week, my goal was to use my skills to help people process current events in a meaningful and productive way. This blog post is an extension of that work.

The Five Emotions and their Virtues

Each person will have their own experience during this time. No two people have the exact same emotional response. There's no right way to feel when something earthshaking happens around you. What's important is that you listen to your emotions, seek to understand their roots, and discern what they are asking you to do. Ideally, without exhausting your energy.

According to the theory of the five elements, or five movements, all of us contain the energy of the seasons: autumn, winter, spring, summer, and harvest time or late-summer. These movements bring with them particular emotional climates, and they are all present all the time. They generate one-another according to the cycle. In this manner, emotions can be viewed to flow into one-another along the circle above. When we process an emotion in health, we flow through each one like a wave, and then continue along the cycle. When we get stuck in an emotion, this is a major cause of disharmony, both in an individual and in a society (imagine if the cycle of seasons just stopped! How sick the whole of the world would be). Some of the emotions may be very strong and require us to sit with them for a time before generating the next, while others may be quieter at this time. That's okay.

These are basic emotional states, so particular emotions such as guilt and shame are not readily obvious along this circle. However, these emotions contain blends of the others. For example, guilt and shame contain within them grief (grieving for the state before the mistake) and lack of joy (saying things like "everything is ruined") and anger towards the self. Because the more complex emotions are blends of the five basic emotions, I will focus on the five for now.

This blog will walk through all of the basic five element emotions as they relate to the protests and the reality of racial injustice in the United States. I'll also suggest ways you can express and move each emotion in a manner which is productive and safe.

Note: I am not a BIPOC, and I will not pretend to understand firsthand the emotions currently being experienced by those who are. Further, I recognize that emotions are experienced at the individual level, not at the level of a race or group - and even those individuals with whom I share similar circumstances won't necessarily have the same perspective I do. As such, I cannot speak for anyone else; least of all those who are most vulnerable in the face of this issue.

I endeavor to be as sympathetic and empathetic as possible. My goal is for the ideas I share in this post to serve people of all backgrounds and experiences at this time, but particularly to help folks who wish to be allies to learn to lean into this fight in a productive way. To help us understand the emotions on a fundamental level in a manner that allows us to see and to transform the emotions into the gifts they provide in order to empower us to take effective action.

Considering that a series of lost, precious lives precipitated these events, I want to begin walking through these emotions in the stage of grief.

1) Grief