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On Tidying: Marie Kondo and the Metal Element + ANNOUNCEMENT

On Tidying: Marie Kondo and the Metal Element + ANNOUNCEMENT

by Grace Ganel, Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)


I have been working very hard behind-the-scenes these last couple of months, and I am proud to inform you that Three Treasures Wellness LLC is OPEN FOR BUSINESS

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Now back to your regularly scheduled (if really quite late) blog post! :-)


Letting go can be very difficult. We hold on to memories, and objects, and each other, entirely human and whole in our determination to grasp the world and fill ourselves with its offerings. We surround ourselves with mementos and objects, the better to understand ourselves. What would we be without the pictures and clothes and toys of yesterday?

The capacity to let go is altogether as important as the capacity to hold and understand one another and ourselves. Through holding and understanding, we are able to learn the value of letting go, returning to what our true values and essence hold. Perhaps in today’s society we are more tenacious through a lack of introspection, a lack of compassion for and knowledge of self.

If you’re anything like me, your house is very cluttered. In lieu of a file cabinet, I stick important personal papers on top of my Chinese medicine textbooks! My Zero Balancing certificate is unceremoniously, but gently, sandwiched between “The Treatment of Modern Western Medical Diseases with Chinese Medicine” and “Advanced Acupuncture: A Clinical Manual” (because, of course, my books are grouped according to how huge they are, not their contents, author, or title).

I could use a little Marie Kondo in my life.

But the point of this post is to remind us all that the spirit that Marie Kondo brings to life (“does this spark joy?”) calls us to the essential, the most important values that we hold. That which defines us and sparks the beauty and divinity of self which is within all humans. The common denominator.

Marie Kondo is already in your life! Because that spark, that golden nugget, embodies the Metal element, and all five elements are alive in all of us.

The Metal looks at (quite literally) the crap in life, and also the cleanest purest breath of life, and sees both as equally valuable. In balance, Metal understands that in the crap there is the gem (the minerals, in nature, which will nourish the next generation) but that most of it, really honestly, is crap! It needs to be let go! When that process breaks down (e.g. bowel obstruction) the system (the body) will perish in the toxins that build up. In this way, the letting go is just as important as the pure breath of air which keeps us alive.

To wake up the Metal element, your inner Marie Kondo, try meditating, and particularly deep breathing and yogic breathing. You can also try squeezing your pointer finger and thumb together while you inhale, and releasing them while you exhale - this wakes up the channels associated with the Metal element.

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