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Client Showcase: "Living without chronic pain"

I asked my client if she would be willing to share her experience of acupuncture with others. She was happy to help and gave me full permission to use her name and image in a blog. If you ever wanted to know what acupuncture and zero balancing are like, and how they can impact a person, keep reading for Leah's story!

1) What brought you to acupuncture and zero balancing with Grace?

I had chronic pain because of a car accident in my mid-20s, and I tried acupuncture previously to manage my symptoms and decrease nerve sensitivity. I started to see Grace for acupuncture because I already knew her! I know the seriousness with which she approaches her practice, as she does most things in her life, and I felt comfortable trusting her with my treatment.

2) What do acupuncture and zero balancing with Grace feel like?

Grace made me feel incredibly comfortable, both for acupuncture and ZB. She was really great at not only listening to me when I first walked in for treatment, but also throughout the treatment. Having had acupuncture before, I already felt comfortable with needling, so Grace was able to suggest some more intense treatment options that gave me great results in a short amount of time.

Pictured: intense needling options that yielded great results in a short amount of time.

3) Did your main concern change while working with Grace? Consider the frequency, intensity, how disruptive it is to your life, and your overall quality of life as it relates to the concern.

I saw Grace biweekly over the course of several years, which really helped to sustain the effects of treatment. There came a point where we were really maintaining and fine tuning my health, rather than actively solving major issues! To be able to live without chronic pain is a huge deal for me, and not something that I anticipated being possible.

4) Did anything else change while working with Grace? What, and how?

We also worked on mood. I felt calmer, more in control after my sessions. It really helped my mental health!

Thank you, Leah, for sharing your story!

If you or someone you love is experiencing chronic pain, I hope you'll consider acupuncture and zero balancing. Complementary and alternative medicine can be a great support for folks who are still experiencing persistent symptoms after injuries. Schedule your free 15-minute virtual consultation here!


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