needle-free chinese medicine


Acupressure uses the same theories and treatment plans I use in acupuncture sessions but without the use of needles by pressing on the points with fingers or applying small pressure pellets to points as a take-home treatment. 

All of my patients get some acupressure during their treatments, as I always press on points before needling them. For those who do not want needles, or in cases when I don’t feel a needle is necessary, I can use only acupressure. Many patients request pellets for continued treatment effects at home – they can tap on the pellet to re-stimulate the point any time they choose.

personalized care

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During your acupuncture appointment, I will spend the entire appointment focused on your case. I blend modalities within each treatment, using my non-needle bodywork style in most acupuncture sessions. Each appointment has a flat price.

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