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Needle-Free Chinese Medicine

The practice of Chinese medicine is most widely known for its tiny, solid needles (unlike the hollow needles used in Western medicine). However, there are other techniques developed for use in Chinese medicine that do not use needles. These include moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, and acupressure.

warming, invigorating & energizing


An herb called mugwort, also known as moxa in Japanese, is burned close to the skin to warm acupuncture points, dispelling cold sensations and pain.

relaxing & rejuvenating [pain-relief]


Like a massage only pulling instead of pushing, cupping uses suction to gently ease muscle tension and support healthy circulation.

Guasha Face Sculpting Technique with Jade Stone in Beauty Salon
relaxing & alleviating

Gua Sha

A blunt-edged tool made of plastic, jade, or quartz is scraped along the skin over a lotion or oil to gently massage out stress, sports injuries, and more.


relieving stress, tension & anxiety


Less is more in Chinese medicine – often, pressure on an acupuncture point is all the body needs to restore balance. Every body is different, and some people are quite sensitive, and served just as well or better through pressure rather than needles.

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