Mindful Movement Classes are for Everyone

Mindful Movement Classes are for Everyone by Grace Ganel

What are Mindful Movement Classes? Will I be able to do the movements?

woman moving mindfully on a mountaintop

Someone recently asked me about my mindful movement classes, where I teach qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”). “Will I be able to do it? What are the physical requirements of qigong? What will I be asked to do?”

In fact, qigong is incredibly gentle, and there is absolutely no pressure or requirement to do every movement in qigong at 100% range of motion 100% of the time.

What is Qigong?

Qi means “life energy” in Chinese. It is the same idea as Prana from the Yogic tradition. It is the je ne sais quoi that animates us, body mind and spirit.

Gong means ‘work’ or ‘benefits acquired through perseverance and practice.’ Thus qigong means working with life energy, learning how to control the flow and distribution of qi to improve the health and harmony of the mind and body.” ~Kenneth S. Cohen, The Way of Qigong

What movements happen as part of Qigong?

During qigong, you will be invited to stand, bend in all directions, move your arms in all directions, and even move your legs in all directions. Sometimes, I’ll lead you in a seated, standing, or prone (laying down) meditation. Sometimes, I’ll invite you to tap or massage your body. Qigong can look like many things.

mindful movement is for every body

What if I can’t do the movement you’re inviting me to do?

No worries! You are more than welcome to reject my invitation. Sometimes, your body, mind, or spirit will say “NO!” and, above all, I insist that you listen to that.

There is a saying in Chinese Medicine that energy (qi) follows intention (Yi, pronounced, “yee”). This suggests that just by intending to move the energy, the energy moves.

In neuropsychology, there is a well-understood phenomenon wherein the brain behaves similarly while watching someone else perform a complex task as it does while actually doing the task yourself. Similarly, imagining doing or preparing to do a task engages the brain similarly whether you actually follow-through or not. (Click here if you want to learn more about this)

And so the saying, “Qi (energy) follows Yi (intention)” has a possible neurological basis.

What does this mean for you, the prospective qigong practitioner?
You can reap the same benefits, you can gong, just as well even if you don’t move a muscle and simply imagine doing the movements.

You don’t need to push yourself to do anything your body doesn’t want to do to practice qigong.

Will you be able to do it?

Absolutely. Whatever you set your Yi to, you can do.

What are the physical requirements of qigong?

Tune in to my videos and watch/listen to what I’m inviting you to do. You can then decide to what degree you wish to move with me.

What will you be asked to do?

Show up, listen to your body, and gong (work/practice) however makes the most sense to you.

Join me LIVE in my next Mindful Movement Class!

Join me live, from 11:00-11:30 AM Eastern on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Here are three ways to join live:

  1. Click Here!
  2. Open your Zoom app and enter meeting ID 618 381 564 The password is treasures
  3. Follow me on Instagram @ThreeTreasuresWellness to be notified when I go live

Become a Patron to access pre-recorded Mindful Movement Classes

For those who cannot make my 11 AM class time, I invite you to become a Patron for pre-recorded sessions! Every day’s session is recorded and uploaded for Patrons on the same day as the session. Plus, “All-Access” Patrons get access to exclusive bonus content, including lectures about Chinese Medicine and guided meditations, and “Very Important Patrons” get all of that exclusive content, plus the right to make requests for my daily sessions. Got a sore back? Are you a VIP? Just send me a message before 11 AM and I’ll be sure to provide a lot of back-self-care instructions during that day’s session.

Click here to learn how to become a Patron and to get exclusive access to my videos today!

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